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On an average day, people around the world drink about 5.5 million pints of Guinness.

Whether you are celebrating in a bar this year or at home, and whether you are drinking Guinness or Budweiser, an important thing to think about is the glass you use to house your beer. There are many different types of beer glasses out there. Some specifically designed with your choice beer in mind. The three most popularly used today are the pint glass, the pilsner glass, and the mug.

Pint glasses are usually 16 or 20 oz. They are perfect for American Lagers, such as, you guessed it-Guinness! Pilsner glasses can range anywhere from 12 to 20 oz. Tall and narrow, they are usually used to serve light beer because they show off the color of the beer. Pilsner glasses are also good because you can keep them in your refrigerator so they get cold and frosty. Mugs are the sturdiest of the beer glasses. Made with handles and thick glass, these glasses are designed with the “clink-factor” in mind. Mugs can also be kept in the refrigerator or freezer to get frosty, like pilsner glasses.

I myself am a beer-drinker. I am also a person who hates the cold. Not a cold drink, rather a cold hand. I have used many different types of “coozies” for my beer bottles, but sometimes would like to pour my beer in a glass. A cool product I found solves this problem for me and is called the Double Wall Beer Glass. The double-walled design of this glass provides extra insulation, thus keeping your beer at its proper drinking temperature, no matter how long you’ve held the glass. Therefore keeping your hand warm and your beer cold. This product is available on A very cool-looking beer glass with a bonus-Your hands won’t freeze when you hold your cold beer and your beer won’t warm from the temperature of your hands! Perfect.


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