Lincoln Restaurant Washington D.C. Infuses Ice Cubes for New Series of Cocktails

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LINCOLN Restaurant will be adding an exciting new series of cocktails to its bar program: Fruit -Infused Ice Cocktails. With a mission to add a unique concept to the restaurant’s already popular cocktail list, LINCOLN’s Bar Manager, Boris Stojkovic has created a list of cocktails with fruit-infused ice cubes, using fresh fruit from local farms, including peaches, blueberries, cucumber, watermelon and strawberries. Sold for $10 each, LINCOLN’s Infused Ice Cocktails include the Virginia Peach Crossing, the Jersey Blueberry Pass and the Pennsy Cucumber Collins.

Virginia Peach Crossing

Bacon & Maple infused Bourbon, simple syrup, orange juice, lemon juice, egg white with… Peach infused ice cube using peaches from Virginia.

Jersey Blueberry Pass

- Veev Açai spirit, Creme de Cassis, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white with blueberry infused ice cube using blueberries from New Jersey.

Pennsy Cucumber Collins

- Square One botanical, lemon/sour mix, egg white with cucumber infused ice cube using cucumbers from a small farm in Pennsylvania.

LINCOLN’s Infused Ice Cocktails are now available and sold every day. LINCOLN Restaurant is located at 1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005.

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