Galliano Offers a Tiki Gift Set for the Holidays

Lucas Bols, the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand has announced that it will release a limited-edition Galliano Tiki Gift Set beginning in October in time for the holidays. With its complex, sophisticated, herbal nature,...

A New Way to Wine from Glassful

A new startup uses proprietary formula to connect drinkers with wine.

Smart Touch Wine Opener

Never break your cork again. Elegantly designed gearing ensures a simple, smooth and effortless operation.

The Alcohoot Breathalyzer

Alcohoot & Heineken Empower Smart Drinking.

The RumChata Holiday Gift Box

RumChata continues its flavorful holiday tradition.

Zipz Single Serve Premium Wine

Made from high-quality, PET plastic that looks and feels like traditional glassware, but is safe for use outdoors, at events and on the go.

Wine Keg from Bridge Lane Wines

Each keg holds the equivalent of 26 bottles, stands only 23 inches tall, and weighs substantially less than a traditional keg. A regular beer tap is all you need to fill a glass.

The Dash Box: Create Your Own Blend of Bitters from Home

The innovative product comes with the spices and tools to make two unique varieties of bitters.

B-Bag: The Fashionable, High-Quality Bag for the Bartender On-the-Go

Seattle-based craft bartenders pursue new venture.

Oxidize with VinOair

Aerate and oxidize your wine for maximum flavor and quality.

Pop Cap Bottle Openers: An Eye Catching Way to Open Your Beer

Remove the cap from your beer easily and it's portable!

The Snap 50 from Anton Paar: A New Portable Alcohol Meter for Distillates

Anton Paar has developed an alcohol meter which measures distillates in all strengths with an accuracy of 0.1 % v/v .