Celebrate Your Constitutional Rights with Ketel One Vodka

Today marks the 81st anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in the United States!

Repeal Day Cocktails

As legend and history will say, on a dark January day in 1919 the United States Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment, outlawing alcohol and put an end to public drunkenness… so they thought!

Drambuie® Rusty Apple Toddy

Chilled Drink of the Week: The Atomic

BLVD Cocktail Company, Las Vegas offers The Atomic, an all-natural, homemade fireball, which infuses American whiskey with nine spices.

Farmers’ Almanac Cocktail

At this year’s Shake, Sparkle and Stir Bar competition at the MUFSO Conference, Mellow Mushroom’s Michelle Booher took home the prize her Farmers’ Almanac cocktail.