Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh is famous for his use of bold colors and for pioneering the post-impressionist movement. Van Gogh Vodka celebrates its namesake with beautiful, artist-inspired packaging and innovative flavors with vibrant, true-to-life tastes.

The highly acclaimed collection includes two smooth, unflavored vodkas, Van Gogh Classic and Van Gogh BLUE Triple Wheat – as well as twenty-two bold flavors that can stand on their own or enhance a cocktail with their remarkably real tastes and aromas.

To ensure every bottle is a true masterpiece, second generation Master Distiller Tim Vos artfully handcrafts each small, balanced batch in Holland utilizing a proprietary process which includes purified water, grains and the finest flavors.

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Luctor International, LLC (now known as 375 Park Avenue Spirits) was founded in 1981 and quickly became one of the top spirits importers in the world. Led by industry trailblazer, Norman Bonchick, Chairman and CEO, 375 Park Avenue Spirits continues to specialize in superior brands and drive innovation within the category.

375 Park Avenue Spirits’ diverse portfolio spans from premium to luxury and includes numerous marques from leading international producers: Van Gogh Vodka and Gin from Holland; Molinari Liqueurs, Limoncello di Capri and VOV from Italy; Tap Whisky and Spicebox from Canada.

By focusing on a select number of brands, 375 Park Avenue Spirits’ supplier partners receive the attention necessary to grow their domestic business. Not to mention, 375 Park Avenue Spirits also exports to Aruba, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Curacao, Cyprus/Spain, Dominican Republic, Europe, Guam, Guatemala, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Taiwan, Uruguay, and the Virgin Islands.