June 9, 2015 at 12:09 am


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Recipe by Arielle Mayer


3 oz. VEEV Acai Spirit

2 oz. Cranberry Shrub

Lemon Slices

Splash of Seltzer

Bittercube Orange Bitters


Squeeze one lemon slice into rocks glass. Add VEEV and cranberry shrub. Shake. Top with bitters.


Lemon Slice


Rocks Glass


In Milwaukee watering holes are a dime a dozen. One of my favorites had Veev but didn’t have a cocktail list or very inspired bartenders. Around thanksgiving I ordered a VEEV and cranberry. Simple but good. The bartender said I was the only person to order VEEV. By Christmas I’d killed the bottle myself and come up with a half a dozen recipes that got me a few eye rolls. For ease I skipped the egg whites but Ambrosia is a refreshing drink that features an old school flair.

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