May 6, 2015 at 12:18 am


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Recipe by Alexander Caban


1 1/2 oz. VEEV

3/4 oz. Kabosu Juice (Yakami Orchid)

3/4 oz. Sudachi Juice (Yakami Orchid)

1/2 oz. Spicy Ginger Shrub (Shrub & Co)

6 Bar Spoons Full of Yuzu Marmalade (Yakami Orchid)

3-4 heavy dashes Bitter Queens Thai Chili bitters (Bitter Queen Bitters San Francisco)

Top With Fentimans Ginger Beer


In a mixing tin pour spicy ginger shrub, followed by yuzu marmalade, add rest of ingredients, dry shake add ice hard shake and strain into an iced and rimmed collins glass add bitters, and top with ginger beer, when pouring the ginger beer it is recommended to pour from a high point to do a heavy stream this creates a “Bitters Head” this gives an apealing look to the drink and also enhances the aroma.


Thai Chili Salt




This takes an inspiration from the classic mule, but using eastern ingredients that resemble the flavor profile of the mule hence the name Donkey Hong as we know Donkeys and mules are basically family (The mule is a cross between a male donkey [jack] and a female horse [mare]) that covers the Donkey part. As we know Donkey Kong (known video game character) is from the Nintendo dynasty which is an asian company and also the usage behind all my ingredients that are predominantly asian influence which covers the Hong part. as we present to you The DONKEY HONG.

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