May 21, 2015 at 5:11 pm


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Recipe by Brian Verzal


1 1/2 oz. VEEV

1/2 oz. Hendricks gin

1 oz. St. George Sauvignon Blanc

3/4 oz. Simple Syrup

3/4 oz. Egg Whites

10 Pink Peppercorn

4 dashes Tabasco


Begin by muddling 8 pink peppercorn in a drink tin. Add all other ingredients over peppercorn. Preferred method of mixing is by using a steamer on an espresso machine to achieve proper frothing, but if one is not available the drink can be vigorously shaken with ice. If steamed, set tin in ice for 15-25 seconds to slightly chill before adding ice to avoid watering down from ice melting too quickly in hot mixture. Add ice and stir to chill fully. Strain into Martini glass. Crumble 2-3 peppercorn over drink to garnish.


Crushed Pink Peppercorn


Martini Glass


In Milwaukee, brunch has never been more popular. After the craziness from the night before more and more people are flocking to the nearest restaurant or pub to eat and drink some more. But there seem to be only 2 drinks that are commonly on the menu, bloodies and mimosas. With so many people joining in mid morning drinks, celebrating life and doing their best to drink away hangovers from the previous nights merriments, why not have more to choose from for their brunch enjoyment?

This is my VEEV version of a morning martini. With a little sweetness to start and a little spice to finish, this cocktail is a complex libation perfect for pairing with some heavy, greasy brunch goodness. Whether you are 12 hours removed from being one yourself or you just want a new cocktail to go with your breakfast or lunch, Start the day with a hot mess.

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