May 15, 2015 at 3:37 pm


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Recipe by Mark Teague


1 1/2 oz. of VEEV Vodka

1 oz. of Hennessy

3/4 oz. of Bacardi Grape

Splash of Cranberry Juice


Fill Shaker tin with ice, fill with ingredients, shake vigorously, and strain into a martini glass.


3 Speared Grapes


Martini Glass


I’ve worked at Unos in JANAF for 7 years and Back in the summers of 2011-2013 we had Friday Night Live at JANAF in which we had live bands and DJs and instead of being a family restaurant like the other days of the week, we operated like a club. We would go through at least 6 bottles of Hennessy and about 20 various bottles of Vodka on a single Friday night. We had a few complaints that from people that we didn’t have their favorite mixer, grape juice, to go with their Hennessy or vodka. We did have grape rum so I mixed the 3 and came up with a cocktail the entire JANAF area loved and still ask for to this day.

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