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Recipe by Vincent Shakir


2 oz. VEEV Acai Spirit

1/4 oz. Chai Tea Infused Simple Syrup

Rinse of Dry Vermouth

Rinse of Sweet Vermouth

Garnished with an Orange Twist


Rinse a Martini Glass with Sweet and Dry Vermouth. Add 1/4 oz. Chai Tea Infused Simple Syrup and 2 oz. VEEV Acai Spirit to a Mixing Glass. Stir with Ice. Strain into pre-rinsed Martini Glass. Spritz and rim the glass with an orange twist. Raise your glass and enjoy!


Orange Twist


Martini Glass


My inspiration behind this cocktail was the classic Martini, the classic Manhattan, and the classic Old Fashioned. I love how each of these drinks allow the respective spirits to work their magic. Using sweet and dry vermouth in any cocktail makes it “perfect” and this blend of vermouth and Chai Tea allows the VEEV to shine through with the utmost perfection. I limited the number of ingredients in this cocktail to four to represent the number of columns used to distill VeeV…which uses wind to power the process. All in all, the combination of VEEV, Sweet and Dry Vermouth, and a touch of Chai Tea Infused Simple syrup equal “The Perfect VEEV” – The Perfect Life.

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