June 8, 2015 at 11:26 pm


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Recipe by TJ Hughes


2 oz. 70 Proof VEEV Acai Spirit

3/4 oz. Elderflower Liqueur (St. Germaine Used for Cocktail Prep Spec)

1 oz. Soda Water (Seagrams Club Soda from Coca Cola Soda Gun Used for Spec)

3 Large Pinches Fresh Baby Mint Leaves

Natural Unbleached Cane Sugar Cubes

1/2 Fresh Lemon

Mint Sprig

Blueberry or Acai Berry


Add 3 large pinches of fresh mint to pint mixing glass

Iced Glass

Add 2 oz. VEEV Acai Spirit

Add 3/4 oz. Elderflower Liqueur

Seal Shaker Tin to Glass and Vigorously Shake Until Mint is Pulverized in Solution (30-45 seconds)

Garnish glassware – Rim Martini Glass with 1/4 Fresh Lemon Wedge and Cane Sugar Pulverized. Squeeze Remaining Lemon Juice into Bottom of Glass, and Add Pulverized Cane Sugar Until a Thick Mixture of Sugar and Lemon Juice Sit at Base of Glassware. “Plant” Mint Sprig Spiked Blue or Acai Berry in Sugar Lemon Juice Mix.

Add 1 oz. Soda Water to Mixing Glass

Using Hawthorne Strainer and Coffee Filter, Strain Cocktail from Mixing Glass to Serving Glass to Remove All Mint Particulates.

Sip Leisurely in Spring or Summer Months and Enjoy the Subtle Herbal Refreshment Provided by VEEV and the Supporting Cast.


Acai or Blueberry Spiked with Fresh Mint Sprig, Planted in Sugar and Lemon Juice Base of Cocktail. Rimmed with Fresh Lemon Juice and Unbleached Cane Sugar




I heard about the competition and felt that the mint and soda refreshment of a mojito could work well with the herbal highlights of the VEEV and elderflower changing out the citrus kick of the lime, with a lighter lemon flavor, and replacing refined sugar with a more natural and unprocessed sweetness to compliment the natural flavors of the base and supporting liquors. The garnish releases from the sugar and lemon juice base to give the cocktail an even more ephemeral look upon service.

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