June 2, 2015 at 4:28 pm


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Recipe by Sean Passauer


2 oz. VEEV

2 1/2 oz. Watermelon Puree

1 oz. Boiled Down Raw Honey

1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

1 oz. Ginger Ale

1 oz. Miller Light


In advance puree fresh watermelon, squeeze fresh lemon juice and boil down the raw honey. This provides an easier way to mix while reducing prep time from bar top to patron without losing the taste or integrity of the drink. Combine VEEV with these 3 ingredients into a large mixing tin over ice. Shake insanely until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed creating a frothy texture. Pour into mason jar. Top with ginger ale and Miller Light. Stir in the last 2 ingredients before garnishing.


Lemon Pinwheel, Sliced Wild Strawberry and a Yellow Bendy Straw


16 oz. Mason Jar


My inspiration for The Buck Collins Shandy is my late bartending grandma Erma Anne Huskey. Like VEEV, she was a strong and wild women that had what counts inside to just make you feel better. It is a reinvention and combination of 3 classic cocktails The Buck, The Collins and The Shandy and named after my grandparents strawberry farm on Buck Collins Road in Forest City, NC. Every detail from its burgundy and gold color, (she was a die hard Washington Redskins fan) the bendy straw, (she said regular straws were just no fun) to the lemon pinwheel on top (as no MD crab cake is worthy without lemon juice) is based on this amazing women that helped make me the bartender I am today. Perfect on a porch swing enjoying a nice summer breeze, (like the breeze that powers the VEEV distillery) this cocktail is not only my better way to drink, but a legacy for my family thanks to VEEV.

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