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Recipe by Keith Baker


1 1/2 oz. Veev

1/2 Lime Juice

1/2 Dry Curacao

1/4 Bittermen’s Hopped Bitters

3/4 Giffard’s Orgeat

3/4 oz. Fresh egg white

2 Kumquats, halved


Muddle Kumquat halves. Shake all ingredients. Fine Strain. Dry shake. Pour over fresh ice in tall glass.


SNAKE GARNISH – Horse’s neck, peeled in a wavy ‘snake-like’ pattern. Two cloves for eyes. Maraschino cherry, stem poking out to make tongue.


Tall Glass


I wanted to take the Brazilian influence and combine it with a Tiki style. I enjoy strongly flavored drinks as well. The acai is an excellent addition to Tiki and I feel it shows well in this cocktail. The snake garnish is an over-the-top Tiki-style garnish that adds citrus and clove flavors to the nose, excites the guest, and gives the cocktail a memorable theme.

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