April 18, 2015 at 12:47 pm


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Recipe by Rob Cacurak


2 oz. of Veev

1 oz. of Sour Apple Pucker

1/2 oz. of Sweet and sour

1/4 oz. of Blue Curacao


Fill mixing tin with cubed ice. Pour in the Veev, Sour Apple, and sweet and sour. Shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Pour the Blue Curacao down the inside of the glass. (should create a nice layered look with the blue on the bottom)




Chilled martini glass


At work we have a deck that overlooks a beautiful lake. One day while working on the deck I thought it would be cool to have a cocktail that was refreshing as well as nice to look at… like the lake with the sky. Using those colors as my inspiration I was able to create the Veev Warhead. For the flavor profile I wanted to make something that would be refreshing and easy to drink. During the summer, sweet drinks tend to be a big hit at our venue. I then started to experiment with different flavors, but couldn’t get the colors I was trying to achieve.

When i got the color I couldn’t find the flavor. Then I tried Veev. It has just enough sweetness to go with the tart to balance out this cocktail. It reminded me of a sour candy that gets sweet the longer you have it in your mouth. Thus the name Veev Warhead named after the Sour Warhead candies. Enjoy!

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